Stuck in a Rut

Ever been in a rut? You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes it’s serious, like the loss of a job or a death in the family. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s like having all the little things, the unimportant things go wrong, for days at a time. Things like your football team losing the big game (I’ve been there too many times)…or for me having a terrible case of writers block..or sitting on the couch to eat dinner by yourself, and realizing the remote is stuffed under the cushion…..of the recliner across the room. Looks like you’re stuck with Entertainment Tonight. Little things like this can sure add up.

It seems so ridiculous to complain about days like this, even on the worst of them.  I always say “it could be worse”..and it could. Most of us have been blessed with so much. I know I have. My wife, family, career, friends, house, dogs, toys etc. All good things. It’s not a matter of ungratefulness at all. It’s quite the opposite. It’s because I know how much better life could be that I tend to I get frustrated. Usually though, I just need to be frustrated with myself.

I understand that a lot of things that put us in ruts like this are things we can’t control, but what about the things we can? Most of these are obvious, like doing the best we can in our careers, marriages or parenthood. But how about just loving people? That is a potential that we all have, no matter what our circumstances are.

People can be abrasive, untrustworthy, lazy, and unloyal.  People can treat you like gold then stab you in the back. They can completely ignore you when you’ve tried your best to show them kindness. Even when that happens, showing someone love and kindness like that will never lose it’s fulfilling nature. It will never be not worth it, even when it seems so.  It’s something no one can take away from you. So maybe next time you’re in a rut; whether it’s  insignificant or the worst fight of your life; try showing some kindness, and don’t expect any back. It may not help you write the next hit song, but I guarantee it will make the bad days a little easier, the mediocre ones seem relevant, and it may just get you out of that rut.


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