The Platform

Anyone seen this Tebow guy? Who does he think he is?? You know, winning football games, being a great role model, and helping people out. I love a guy like this. He’s obviously not the best quarterback ever, but it’s all his other qualities that pay off for him.

Last week on the NFL Network’s Thursday night game, Tim led the Broncos past the Jets on a game winning 95 yard touchdown drive. It was quite impressive. What was more impressive though, were his comments after the game. Tim spouted off all the normal politically correct answers to all the questions about his ability, the criticism surrounding him, and his team. Then he said something that takes some maturity. He said although he loves football and is passionate about winning, what he cares more about is the platform that football provides and how he is responsible to use that platform to the best of his ability. He talked about his foundation, and how they were able to open a hospital in the Philippines, and how at the end of your life if all you ever did was win football games, then you really haven’t done all that much. His foundation’s mission is “To bring faith, hope an love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need”. These are simple words that carry a lot of weight.

Whether you share Tim’s faith or not, he has one thing right: helping those in need makes life worth while. Obviously not all of us have had the same opportunities as Tim. Not all of us can make millions of dollars that we can directly use to build hospitals and orphanages, or feed the hungry. Not all of us can give like we want to. What every one of us does have is a platform. Every one of us has the same ability to help those around us as Tim Tebow does. Just because it’s on a smaller scale doesn’t make it any less important. I’m not talking only about the homeless and the hungry. We all encounter people every day that need a little kindness in their lives. Whether you’re a CEO or make minimum wage, you have opportunities to do the same thing Tim’s foundation does. Not just an opportunity, a responsibility; a responsibility to love the platform more than what provided it. Maybe you can’t build an orphanage, but you can build a relationship. Maybe you can’t fill an empty stomach, but you can fill an empty heart, and that may be just as good.


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