Evolution of a Dream

10 years ago I was getting ready to graduate high school. I was an average student. I know I could have done better, (except in math), but I knew, I knew, I was gonna be a musician. What I didn’t know, was how hard it would be. If you’re reading this, you probably know my story, so I won’t ramble about it. (If you don’t, here) Needless to say, I had big dreams. I was gonna write some songs, tour a little, get in front of some record label big wigs, knock their socks off, sign a deal, make a record, sell lots of records, get a bus, tour the country, get married, have a family, and take them around the world with me while I play my songs. While I accomplished a few of those dreams, my grand visions quickly got a reality check. I went from “I’m gonna make lots of money”, to “It would be nice to make a living” to “I hope we make a few thousand bucks this year” to “how much is this gonna cost?” This leaves me where I am now. Before I go on, I don’t want this to be a blog begging for sympathy. I’ve never been happier. I have so many things to be thankful for it’s ridiculous.

The point is this: the music industry has changed. Anyone can put out music. We don’t need the record labels any more. Any yahoo with a mac and garageband can make a bad sounding record. The problem with this is that anyone can put out music. The market is over saturated. What this means is that for a singer songwriter like myself or your everyday garage band to put out a properly done record, it’s expensive. Really expensive.

Putting out a full blown, properly done project can cost an artist upwards of $20,000. In rare cases there are really talented people that can do it all themselves, but I am not one of those people. I’ve been incredibly blessed to come in contact with a company called Roleystone Media, who has footed the bill for my new EP, and the new music video for “Hold On”. It is still though, a record deal, and the goal is to generate enough money to pay back the label. It’s incredibly disheartening for an artist to spend their own cash, or their supporters cash on a project, pour their heart and soul into it, and not be able to make any headway with it.

Let me put it this way. I’ve been incredibly blessed to be able to do what I’ve done for 10 years. This project is my heart and soul. I left nothing on the table. My friends who helped put it together did as well. I can’t thank Thom, Owen, Alex, and Glen enough. The Hold On video is as raw of an emotion that I’ve ever attempted to put into a song, and I sincerely hope it is a blessing to those who need it. The brutal reality though is this: if it doesn’t take off, this may be it. I’ll never stop writing songs, or looking for ways to put them out, or performing. It’s who I am. But this may be it for music as I know it, unless I win the lottery that I never play. This isn’t a plea to buy my record. It’s a plea to change the way you look at art. The artist cannot continue to create without support, it’s just the way it is. I do ask this, if you enjoy the Hold On video, share it, a lot. Buy the EP, and know that you are LITERALLY putting food on my table. Your support means everything to me, and artists like me everywhere and we can’t keep going without you. Thanks,



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