At Last (Reprise)


creation EP


(This is blog #4the about songs featured on my new project “Creation EP”.)

“At Last, I’ve met my match, my soul is free, You belong with me. At Last”

This song was inspired by a feeling I’ve only felt a few times in my life. The feeling of complete belonging. Something that can only be brought on by an transcendent experience. Something that is always temporary, where you inevitably come back down to earth. This is represented by the short length of the song. It’s also that moment brought on by culmination of all of your previous experiences, here represented in the beautiful score by my friend Mark Evitts. (The melodies played by the strings are the melodies from the previous 3 songs).

But this song is not about those things it was inspired by. This song is about hope. Hope that someday the infinite mystery of God will not be realized, but be embraced. That we would find ourselves loved and cared for in that mystery. That we would no longer hold on to our defensiveness and certainties, but find a home in the mystery. When we do that, the mystery brings us great comfort and relief.

There is freedom in the mystery. Someday, every day, I’ll say “At Last”.



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